About The Author


My Story

There once was a girl with words in her head.

Swirling stories in every thought.

But with homework due, part time work too,

The stories were never caught.


There once was a wife with themes on her mind.

Creating worlds unknown to him.

But with a job to earn and a lot to learn,

The worlds became faded and dim.


There once was a mom with rhymes in her head.

In love with a daughter so sweet.

But with diapers to change and meals to arrange,

The rhymes were never complete.


There once was a woman with characters live,

Just waiting for creation to flare.

Her baby bird flown, it was time to be known,

And use the gift God gave her to share.


Insane Duane written by Susan Hurney Bowman

A Christian Chapter Book for Middle Grade/Young Adult

For more information, write to:  bowhammer@gmail.com


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